our products 

Nestled in the Rocky Mountains of Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, our body products are all crafted by hand. We use ingredients from nature that benefit the skin with no additional man-made, harmful additives. ​​Your skin will take notice.

essential oils & nutrient oils

The essential oils that we use are of the highest quality flowers, fruits and leaves (such as lavender, lemon, mint) bring a multitude of added benefits. Fragrances in our products come from these essential oils. 

Nutrient oils (such as olive, avocado, hemp seed, coconut) are the basis of many of our products. These oils bring active ingredients to help moisturize, hydrate and sooth your skin. 

Can't wait for a Farmer's Market or Craft Show to   pick up your favourite body care items? Visit our online shop or go in person to: 

  • Blackburn Jewellers, Pincher Creek, AB

  • The Trading Post, Hillcrest, AB

Hillcrest Naturals is proud to donate a gift basket and be a vendor at the Annual United Way Market Day | Cummings School of Medicine at the University of Calgary on  Monday, Nov 27. 

To donate, please go to:

Hillcrest Naturals  |  403-563-0717  | info@hillcrestnaturals.ca  

for the body


​​Using only lush and locally sourced oils & butters, our devine body lotion, body soufflé and lip balm are sure to impress.

for the bath 

Cold pressed soap with premium butters and oils, and soothing bath bombs featuring rich nutrient oils are sure to take you away