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Nestled in the Rocky Mountains of Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, Hillcrest Naturals body products are all crafted by hand. 

We use ingredients from nature that benefit the skin with no additional man-made, harmful additives. ​​Your skin will take notice.

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Not just fun, bath bombs are so much more. A good antidote for overall dry or under-nourished skin, our bombs have beneficial nutrient and essential oils in perfect balance.

​Around for centuries, Epsom-based bath salts have been tried, tested and true. With our additions of essential oils, this high-mineral bath soak is a timeless pleasure. Choose from a variety of different essential oils.

A must have face care trio! A gentle foaming face wash is like no other, simply wet, wash, then pat your face dry. Weightless and squeaky clean yet ohh so moisturized! Keep the fresh and taut feeling with the hydrating toner. Perfect for after wash, or as a pick-me-up. Convenient spray bottle means no need for cotton pads - a savings for you and the environment. 
And lastly, the cream you've been waiting for! Moisturizing and weightless. It has the good stuff in it too to help repair, regenerate and keep you skin in wonderful shape. Perfect for all skin types. ​​​​ Choose from 5 different types.

Deeply moisturizing, our quick absorbing lotions contain high-quality nutrient oils paired with lovely essential oils. Not just for softening - you will notice the soothing and healing benefits from all of our lotions.  

Body soufflé is a rich, creamy and lusciously thick body cream made with shea butter and sweet almond oil. Not a all greasy, this wonderful product is best on very dry skin. Put on at bed time and let it work its magic overnight...  Choose from 5 different types.

Our cold-pressed soaps (4oz) are made with pure and lush ingredients such as shea and cocoa butter to nourish and moisturize the skin. Oils like olive and castor help the skin retain and hold moisture. 

The varieties of our soaps are endless, and essential oils add another level of lusciousness. Choose from a variety of types.

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bath bombs & bath salts

Purely simple. Our lip balms are made with nature’s best - beeswax. 

This balm glides on smoothly and adds a subtle gloss. Added oils and butters make the perfect softening mix.  Choose from natural, tinted, or mint.

cold process soap

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